I'm a mouse who's seen it all
from deep in my hole inside the wall.
I've seen the great ones rise and fall.
I've seen it all, I've seen it all.

I've witnessed mountains grow from rocks
I've seen the land shut down with locks.
Along the way mistakes were made
but not by me, I'm in the shade
I tell my tale and run away.

It all began with a bus garage
in a broken town on an empty street.
This big garage sat dark and long
and on the front were the words of a song:

I myself was broken down, with tired feet.
I'd been looking for far too long
for a home to sing my personal song.

I moved into a hole in the wall
From here I could see and smell it all
I collected my seeds,
kept my nose to the breeze
and I saw it all, I saw it all.

By day I would quietly sing in my house
and dream of a friend, like a nice female mouse.
By night I would roam and again I would dream
of the seeds and the fields I would give my mouse queen.

A hawk moved in to the building next door.
A cat came to prowl below the ground floor.
I just moved back deeper than I was before
in my hole in the wall. I've seen trouble before.

I wait trouble out. And that's usually fine.
But one day a truck came at 6:59.
It broke all the windows and rattled my mind.
It tore down a wall. But that wall wasn't mine.
It woke me up, since I wake up at 7.
I was annoyed. Then alarmed. Then in heaven.

In a second I saw that this truck could create
a field full of seeds simply dropped on my plate.
I fell deeply in love with this truck right away.
I watched it with passion then, day after day.

At the end of the seventh long vibrating day
the building was gone and the field where it lay
was soil (and oil) and piles of stone.
I saw in a daze a huge farm of my own.

The truck stayed behind to dig ponds and deep swales
and smooth velvet ground with skateboarding rails.
It dug fields that were filled with beautiful seeds
and soon these seeds grew into tasty green weeds.

I never met anyone ever before
who could work like I do
but this truck could do more

And the more that I looked at this truck in my house
I realized my queen was this truck, not a mouse

Her fur was gleaming
her eyes were beaming
her high beam headlights
held such meaning.

I know one day the day will come
the truck will leave, the work will be done.
I'll have to choose between my home
and the only love I've ever known.

I've already planned it
I'll stow away
inside my truck's wheel
and there I'll stay.

I'll leave the land I've looked at from above
and live with my rumbling and earth-shaking love.